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Multiple Monitors – Extended Monitor

When I first heard of people using multiple monitors it reminded me of a software demonstration for audio recordingmultiple monitors on a 42 inch (they called them big screen back then) monitor. Home business owners who conduct online meetings or webinars can increase productivity exponentially by using multiple monitors.

The term extended monitor can be confused with widescreen monitors which became very popular not only for watching widescreen movies but also for running applications side by side. The appearance of the application windows in a wider monitor is the cheapest route to realizing this productivity advantage.

Unless you’ve used a dual monitor setup the very notion may seem like ignorance to why Windows was created. That’s exactly the way I used to think.

Keeping a Clean Desk

Most of us are familiar with study sessions in a library where we’ll have several books open, a notebook and possibly a calculator spread across a table. Imagine the time wasted if we had to pull each book from a stack, flip to the correct page and then put that book away and pull out another.

Bouncing from application to application doesn’t take nearly as long as working from text books, but the idea of having reference material already open eliminates a step.

Productivity is generally improved by eliminating steps. Having an extended monitor or dual monitor setup allows us to skip at least one step when working alone.

Web Conferencing

So far 100% of the home business leaders I speak with that do some type of web conferencing swear by the multiple monitor setup. Others have talked about using a laptop or second computer to assist but that process has drawbacks.

Jumping from machine to machine adds a step and time is too valuable a resource during a conference.

I’ve seen meetings stall for one of two reasons:
1.    The leader was trying to pull information from another machine
2.    The leader needed their single monitor to switch to another application

The Ideal Environment for Multiple Monitors

Unless I’m consulting with someone it’s hard to say what they’ll need based on the type of business they run or the particular work they do either online or with a computer.

It’s been my good fortune to experience the triple monitor workstation. Having become accustomed to the dual monitor setup this was at first daunting, then exciting and now exceptionally beneficial.

Not everyone is going to run out and buy two more monitors nor should they but during a meeting the triple monitor setup allows me to keep the meeting outline, the chat dialog and the shared screen all in full view. Personally I think my multiple monitor experience is maxed out at three, adding more screens might invite distraction.

If you have some insight to share on using multiple monitors please let us know. If you know of someone this can help please feel free to share it.


Online Tools and Organization

Working at home in a perfect world means we’re all gifted with total recall regarding every little detail from the kid’s soccer schedule to the lecture series we’re planning toSmart Phones and Online Tools give or attend (and where to find the notes). Organization is only useful when we have access to all our information . Home business owners are no different from traditional business owners when it comes to the importance of finding what we need and online tools are both reliable and convenient.

Smart phones have replaced PDA’s but schedules are only a portion of the in depth data we need. Laptops aren’t always a convenient option for storing all the data either but tablets and laptops at least offer significant on board memory.

Sharing information is also one of those constantly changing dynamics that requires an open source for access to more than one person. Even in a business that has no personnel or network, it’s necessary to keep customers up to date.

Email and Online File Sharing – Online Tools for Communication

Online home business training typically begins when people setup their first email accounts on internet hosted mail servers. Our recommendation is always Gmail because they have a recognized and effective resource.

Most internet hosts make web based email available and may even offer web document storage but access to 3rd parties is usually difficult. Furthermore when dealing with customers and clients outside your immediate area the name associated with the email address (server name) may be unknown.

Using Google docs for just about everything from viewing attachments to sharing spreadsheets that can be updated by multiple people is easy and convenient.

Private Networks – Online Tools for Business Development

You can find Ning networks setup for just about everything and while they may still have a social element to them they cost money so they’re users must either make money with them or support them by other means.

I’ve seen these networks spring up quickly at inception and gradually lose the attention of attendees for one reason or another. Regularly those who run these networks consolidate or migrate them to more relative networks.

They have all the advantages of organization and communication but it is incumbent on the members to log in regularly to stay up to date. Regular email reminders may make members aware but most have found a more convenient alternative.

Social Media for Business – Online Tools of the Future

The most consistently visited sites are now the best online tools for business. Everything from building networks, to selling products, to maintaining organization and communication is available from the same place we chat with friends.

Forming private groups within social media doesn’t have the same power as a private Ning network but the consistency of interaction is far more important. Many home business owners still choose both while traditional business owners find more than they need in the world of social media.

Interaction between people, online sites and web applications is the reason for using online tools for online business. The online business world is quickly defining the most valuable tools and knowing how to use them is getting easier every day. Regardless of what apps are installed in your portable device, an internet connection is all you need to access your online tools.

Visit Free Online Home Business Training on Facebook and share your favorite online tools with the community and feel free to post your comments below. Thanks in advance for sharing.


Why Social Media Diversification Is Essentialsocial media diversification

One thing I’ve learned about social media is that the environment is subject to the greatest scrutiny by the natives. Your Facebook friends discuss what’s happening on Facebook and your MySpace friends usually don’t.

From a marketing perspective social media diversification not only opens up larger markets but prevents being vulnerable to negative consequences within any single entity.

Advertising dollars might show better gains in one domain but if you only use one domain it’s like investing in only one stock or company. Ads are subjective by nature and should be considered an investment.

Mass Exposure – Social Media Celebrity Status

While the public is continually alarmed at the level of privacy that is vanishing in the online world, entrepreneurs who are either working at home or running traditional businesses are elated with the volume of exposure the internet allows.

Your online business world is supported by social media. That exposure allows you to advance your brand, sell product and develop relationships.

Conventional wisdom acknowledges that the popularity contest within social media is a constant reality. People love discovering and sharing anything they find that is really cool.

Here There and Everywhere

The franchise business model can be viewed as network marketing for traditional businesses. One company allowing smaller business owners to share their products and services exposes the brand while sharing the profits.

While they share the parent company’s brand, the individual franchise owners are allowed to develop their own unique brand.

For regional recognition social media diversification can’t be matched. Since different people will belong to different social networks it only makes sense to be recognized in as many as possible.

Following The Trend

Not to be mistaken with chasing after the next big thing, learning to follow the wave of enthusiasm within the online world is a lot like modifying your restaurant’s menu to include a trendy new dessert.

New social networks emerge all the time and for business professionals that means exposure to new clients and customers.

Social media diversification is an ongoing process within the online business world whether you own a traditional brick and mortar business or an internet based company. The need to grow along with the expansion of social networks is one of the vital roles fulfilled by the social media manager.

If you’re not already using a social media manager then achieving social media diversification is going to be a challenge. Keeping in mind that these networks provide the greatest potential for mass exposure for your business, every effort to expand yourself within the online business world increases your chances of generating more profit.


Traditional and Home Business Owners – Doing Business Online

In covering online business or doing business online I typically use the home business owner as a reference point. Certainly it makes sense on a blog about home business training but the perspective of the person working at home is the same whether their business is entirely web based or not.

The fortunate and sometimes unfortunate reality of using the internet for business is that you can be sitting at home, sunning on the beach or backpacking through the mountains and still have access to important information if not total control.

I say this is unfortunate because the internet feeds into the obsessive behavior of the workaholic. Balancing a healthy work ethic with the rest of life is essential to your health.

Generating Income – Doing Business Online

The three primary ways of generating revenue online are:
1.    passive income
2.    selling products and services for someone else
3.    selling your own products and services

There are many other ways to use the internet to make money but for most traditional and home business owners these are the basic options. These options by no means limit the means to generate income.

Most of the successful home business owners I know personally, and a growing number of traditional business owners employ all three methods. The truly talented ones generate multiple streams of income in one or more of these ways.

Passive Income – Doing Business Online with Internet Automation

I’ve discussed selling ad space in another post and this is probably the most popular way of generating passive profits. Setting up ad accounts is easy and if you already have an active website or blog the application is immediate.

Drop shipping can become passive but requires a lot more preparation. The biggest drawback to drop shipping is definitely the personal interaction necessary for processing orders.

If you’re not moving physical merchandise that requires shipping you can enjoy the financial rewards of selling either other people’s products or your own. Memberships that are typically low cost monthly obligations continue to be a great source of passive income.

Online Sales – The Human Element

Network marketing has an interesting element built in that requires a certain level of personal interaction but also offers potential passive profits based on what team members sell. Building a network requires developing relationships but most companies offer residual income based on the performance of the individuals extended network.

Online stores, resellers and of course eBay are all examples of the traditional business in the virtual world. These types of businesses include an element of customer service but won’t necessarily require direct personal involvement with their customers.

Everyone who works for a retail outlet doesn’t speak with the customers but there is a limit on what people will spend without actually making contact. Houses, cars and boats can be sold online but in most cases the buyer and seller will make contact.

Top Tier Direct Marketing – Highest Profits Online or Offline

Sales commissions are always greater when the price tag is higher. Haggling typically has to do with what the sales person is willing to give up in order to make the sale.

The combination of high ticket items or services with network marketing is a dream come true for home business owners. In these situations the residual income (passive income) of team members is even more lucrative than the direct commissions they earn (active income) through personal sales.

Doing business online isn’t an escape from work or a way to get rich quick. The internet provides more opportunities then ever before to leverage your time into greater income potential. Just like it is in the traditional business world, the online business world offers great rewards based on human effort.

Doing business online also means offering your services to others in the online business community. Free Online Home Business Training is a source for valuable information and if you’re willing to contribute to the expanding army of entrepreneurs  who are actively doing business online we welcome your input. We also invite you to join us on Facebook to share the wealth with our Social community.

doing business online


How Web Based Applications Increase Productivity

Web based applications are gaining popularity because of the advancements in mobile technology. The ‘App’ on your phone isn’t a robust standalone application but an access portal into a growing phenomenon.

Most of the professional people I work with are familiar with Microsoft Office even if they only use one or two of the programs in the suite.

Open Office is another variation and depending upon who you talk to the reviews will be all over the map.

The Basics

If for instance you wanted to use open office on your pc at home you would first download it, then install it. The program would run on your machine.

The web based application runs on the server (the internet hardware that hosts the website which contains the application) and provides you with a file or script.

Google docs is available to anyone who has gmail. If you send or receive a Microsoft Word (or other application) attachment and choose to view it, it will do so as a Google Doc and not open Word on your machine.

The Intermediates

I love sharing web based applications that help home business owners with graphics and one of my favorites is which allows for free or paid accounts.

While I’ve never personally used a mobile phone for doing graphics the potential to modify, save or enhance photos is immediately available if you have internet access from your cell phone.

This post along with edits and comments could have been done from a cell phone because all the software I need is either in WordPress or another online application.

The Advanced

Private networks that share proprietary applications on secure servers utilize the advantage of web based applications.

Companies save money and enhance security by hosting the app from a single source. It’s easier to control and monitor the activity.

Even though the application is on a private server, because it’s web based it isn’t geographically restrictive which means anyone on the planet (or in space) can utilize the application if they’re given access.

More and more home based businesses are utilizing web based applications to enable their sales force to access marketing tools and keep track of business with state of the art systems. This is one of the biggest bonuses inherent to the international entrepreneur; they can run the work at home business from anywhere. If you find this helpful please share it and visit us on Facebook.


Customer Satisfaction = More Business

No matter which business we look at, how they operate or what they offer, unless customer satisfaction is included in their business plan they won’t survive. It is impossible to imagine keeping a poor experience quiet these days.

Depending upon the severity of the experience and how many people are concerned about avoiding the same drama… one little tweet or post can reach millions in minutes. Scale it down and the local business down the road is surrounded by a virtual network of friends and family members that will tell and retell a sordid episode so that out of town visitors will know an establishment as one to avoid.

Enough Negative Energy

We’ve shared and continue to maintain the connection between buying and positive emotions. Shoppers don’t just buy because they need stuff but because they enjoy everything about it.

The goal isn’t just to be nice to our customers but to be memorable. We want them to come back and tell their friends.

Social media managers know the importance of prolonging or reliving a positive experience. Customer satisfaction is their social bread and butter.

How To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

1. Always be transparent

From advertising and marketing to follow up every aspect of what you do reflects who you are. Integrity in business is precious to everyone including the surrounding community. In the online business world we have many communities from one end of the spectrum to another. The size or success of your business won’t put you in the best company but acceptance and trust will.

2. People are more important than profits

There was a day when CEO’s felt very differently but the truth is proven not only in how companies treat clients but how they treat colleagues and employees. Whenever the focus shifts away from the importance of people customer satisfaction becomes an after thought. Drilling deeper into the needs of people always produces avenues for growth.  Meeting more needs generates more revenue and allows for growth and profit to increase. Deciding to put people first guarantees a level of excitement on both ends of the business transaction.

3. Refunds are unavoidable

Standing behind a product or service with a money back guarantee not only demonstrates confidence in what you offer, it accepts the responsibility for customer satisfaction.  Trying to avoid giving out refunds sends a clear message. Offering a refund up front also sends a message. This is really the outcome of the first two principles. By allowing people to see clearly that you stand behind the outcome even beyond the actual moment of purchase is a comforting position. They feel special because you value their money enough to return it on their terms.

We regularly share a home business opportunity that offers one of the most amazing money back guarantees in the business world. The company continues to thrive and bless people all around the world financially without sacrificing their steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. This community can, in full confidence, share this opportunity without reservation because they know there is nothing hidden. If you’d like to learn more we’d love to share it with you.


Why These Presentation Tips Help

Working at home used to mean conducting home meetings with a big notepad on an easel but for online business nothing beats a Powerpoint presentation. Of course these presentation tips are designed for quick yet effective training for your team but they also help if you want to design professional presentations for clients.

Outlines are an essential part of business planning and these techniques not only help to pull together an outline in a few seconds but leave you more time for elaboration.

1.    Using notepad for your presentation rubric
2.    Using <Alt> <Print Screen> for screen shots
3.    Using a mouse or bamboo pen for markup

The 3 Presentation TipsPowerpoint Presentation Tips

The Notepad Rubric

This is one of the fastest ways I’ve ever seen for using the Powerpoint presentation default slide format. It literally takes seconds.

The first step is to type your headings in order on notepad:
•    Introduction
•    Heading 1
•    Heading 2
•    Heading 3
•    Conclusion

After you save this file on your computer simply go to <File – Open> in Powerpoint and open the saved file. If you want a true presentation rubric the only step left is to change the lettering to red.

Instant Screen Shots

You can use the <Alt> <Print Screen> keys together to capture the specific window you have selected on your screen. Then you can paste <Ctrl V> directly into Powerpoint.

Depending upon what specifically you wanted to capture in the screen shot you can either resize the window before or after it is captured. You can crop, resize or simply position the image so that the important part is visible in presentation mode.

There are other programs you can use for taking screen shots but you won’t find anything faster than this. If you have the tabs on your browser opened with the exact frames you want to include in the various slides you’ll be done before reading about how to do it.

Markup In Presentation (Or In Preparation)

One of my favorite Powerpoint presentation features has to be the ability to markup the slides in presentation mode. Whether you have a bamboo pen or just a mouse you can doodle all over your slides.

If you do have a bamboo pen you can run the presentation and save the markup. If you plan to markup slides that you also plan to use without the markup make sure to copy the slides before hand. Clicking on an individual slide and hitting <Ctrl D> will duplicate the slide.

Drawing on your slide show makes the experience come to life for your audience and enhances the entertainment value. You also have the ability to bring up a white board during the slide show for further illustration. Presentation tips that make you more entertaining are far more important than those that save you time.

If you have any Powerpoint presentation tips that you’d like to share please comment below. You can also visit FreeOnlineHomeBusinessTraining on Facebook. Share this article with your friends and colleagues that also use Powerpoint for online presentations.


New Perspective On Search Terms

We’ve discussed before how important the keyword phrases you choose are to the SEO and SEM of your business blogsearch terms but the perspective you need is that of the individual who will enter specific search terms into their browser.
It’s easy to fall into niche or industry specific language and essentially restrict growing beyond those who actually talk like you do. If you’ve ever watched a young child try to describe what they want then you’ll understand exactly why this is critical.
I wrote the ‘Big Picture Book of Online Home Business’ specifically for this site so that people would learn some of the language they need to understand what is being said inside the online business world. People don’t type search terms they don’t understand into search engines.
big picture book5 Points To Keep In Mind
Being clear and focused is usually an asset unless you’re trying to switch perspectives or think differently about what you offer and how people can find you.
1. There are always thousands of different ways of looking at the same thing (wisdom)
2. A thesaurus is designed to provide alternative ways of saying the same thing
3. Search engines offer ‘Alternative Search Terms’ below the list of results for the term you enter
4. Keyword research tools are essential to your efforts
5. People that are ready to buy are also very specific
The online world has always been and will always be full of people entering search terms for research. While in some instances this is helpful to increase traffic it isn’t always the type of keyword you’re looking for.
Creating content rich posts and pages around very specific items and using those details down to the model number will attract people who are doing research as well as those that are ready to purchase.
The Bigger Picture
Let’s say you have an item that you want to sell but its name isn’t that popular if it has any results at all when you do your keyword research. Names that aren’t known are great search terms because you can get a number one spot on the first page of every engine.
If the name contains another keyword phrase, or can be explained in detail with other terminology that’s where your marketing funnel begins. It ends on the sales page of the item that no one has ever heard of.
Using the products name in the page, or URL title is important because you anticipate that product name becoming widespread. Driving people to that page is accomplished either by placing ads or using the content network.
3 Steps For Content Marketing Funnels
1. You need to create a sales page where the item can be purchased. Most affiliate marketers can rely on someone else providing this page and studying those sales pages should reinforce what I’m explaining. There are thousands of search terms that name product sales pages that won’t show up on the statistics because that isn’t how people reach them… yet. Whether your product page has a URL that reflects the exact product name, or is a page on your site with the product name as a title, if it is unique it will not only occupy the top spot on the organic search list… it’ll probably stay there forever.
2. You need to generate blog posts, articles, videos and social media content that links similar search terms back to your sales page.
3. You need to promote those blog posts, articles, videos and social media content consistently.

High Converting Search Terms

Obviously if you’re in business you want the search terms that convert visitors to leads, prospects and customers. Entrepreneurs always seek to build, grow and expand.
If something works great the chances are that something else will also work great and sometimes even better. There is in every market a unique character trait belonging to an incomparable group of people. We call them ‘trend setters.’
online business worldYou can either spend all your time and effort generating content aimed at pleasing the largest audience you can find, or you can hunt for those search terms that belong to this very peculiar group. Here’s a hint… they thrive on discovering what can only be described as remarkable. If your content resonates with them, they’ll spread it to the far reaches of the online business world.

Tell the community what you know about search terms here or on our Facebook page and don’t forget to stumble, dig, mark as delicious or otherwise share this post with your friends.


Are You Overlooking An Obvious Affiliate Bonus?affiliate bonus

For the sake of those that don’t belong to several MLM companies or who have no idea why this business model is so popular (buying from yourself is just one example), I’d like to clarify an affiliate bonus that might get overlooked.

Working at home isn’t synonymous with multilevel marketing but most home business owners understand the concept behind network marketing as an affiliate either in the distribution of products or the promotion of a company.

Buying from yourself is a prerogative for any business owner. Restaurateurs eat out of their kitchens, shop owners take what they need from wholesale merchandise on their shelves even service station owners get a few pennies off when they buy gas out of their stations.

More Than The Obvious Affiliate Bonus

If you bought into an MLM company chances are you were either interested in, or already using the products and services. Everyone is a consumer of goods and saving money is always preferred but the affiliate bonus here can also be personal in nature.

Inside the online business world and especially when you begin to touch e-commerce as an affiliate with companies like Amazon and Clickbank, you may not think in terms of buying from your own sites unless you’ve already done so.

Entrepreneurs are very decisive people however, and when we find a product, tool or service that we know we need hesitation doesn’t usually factor in. The savings may be no more than 10 or 12 percent but consistently purchasing through your own account is a habit worth forming.

A Valuable Example

‘Free Online Home Business Training’ offers information free of charge but we always acknowledge to business owners of any size that being in business is about balancing expenses and profits. Not everything is free including more advanced education.

While it’s true that you can either setup a free blog on a web 2.0 site or purchase a hosting account with your own domain for less than two dollars a month, that does nothing to start the process of generating income. Eventually you’ll need to develop a marketing funnel or utilize a funnel created by someone else (which is another affiliate bonus).

Starting with themes that software developers sell (as opposed to free themes) and professional plugins that are designed either to assist in automation or traffic generation, you’ll be faced with decisions much greater than simply creating a blog. Not all software developers make their products available through affiliate marketing companies but this is a good example because many of them do.

Understanding Marketing Funnels – (Another Affiliate Bonus)

I recently responded to an email marketing offer for a software package. Part of the tutorial for the software included recommendations for software written by other authors to compliment the program I purchased.

The first recommendation was for a WordPress theme. They made the recommendation based on the quality of the product (specifically how it would enhance the product I had already purchased) not because they would earn an affiliate commission if I purchased through them.

When I started looking at the second recommendation I recognized the link to the sales page as what Clickbank calls a ‘Hop Link’ which is how affiliates earn commissions. Upon closer examination I realized that several of the other software programs they recommended were commission based. The marketing funnel was well designed and I wouldn’t be surprised if over 90% of their customers purchased the recommended software without ever considering buying it from themselves.

Creating Your Commissions Is The Affiliate Bonus

If you have a product to sell and you know of other products that further enhance what you’ve created it’s always a good idea to recommend products that bring you affiliate commissions. It’s even a good idea to recommend products that don’t bring you a commission if you know they’ll satisfy your customers.

From the perspective of a home business owner that is involved with affiliate marketing you should always do research first and then see if you can purchase what you need through your own accounts.

The affiliate bonus of buying from yourself may seem like a way to save money on the surface but when you’re busy mapping out marketing funnels these are the insights that help generate revenue. You begin to see where there are leaks or hidden opportunities to increase profits.

Free Online Home Business Training has a page and a group within Facebook and we’d love to have you join us there where many other marketing professionals have insights to share which is the affiliate bonus for using Facebook. Online home business isn’t just about affiliate marketing, MLM or even a business you run out of your home. Online home business is the gateway for any business to expand into the online business world. Discover more personal freedom in the real world by leveraging the potential of the virtual world.


The internet presence and working at homeHow Online Profiles Enhance The Internet Presence Of People Working At Home

Having an internet presence has suddenly become an integral part of working at home and one of the greatest challenges many home business owners face. Moving into the technical realm of the online business world is outside the comfort zone for most people.

Undoubtedly everyone who is familiar with the internet would agree that the information now immediately available to us changes our approach to learning. When uncovering important knowledge is only a click away from virtually anywhere on the planet, we are more apt to go there and consistently.

Time is a precious commodity and as life moves forward it grows in value. For business owners working at home, it is important to balance the time spent developing your internet presence with all the other income producing activities.

Where To Begin

You don’t need to learn a great deal to create your own website or blog and those are definitely your most valuable internet properties. However, if you’ve never created anything online before the internet is full of places to practice and become familiar with what can be done.

If you turn the table to where you’re the one providing information, ask yourself:
1.    Am I more interested in pictures and video when I’m searching online?
2.    Do I have a preference for how information is displayed?
3.    Why do I find some sites better than others?

Social media sites are hard to distinguish from web 2.0 sites in that users can submit blog posts, articles and videos to both. Having profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and dozens of other free sites is necessary and mildly frustrating compared to designing your own website. Your internet presence requires mass exposure but duplication is a no-no.

You Again and Again – Diversifying Your Internet Presence

Start by being prepared with what will be required. Some people can handle setting up multiple profiles per day, whereas others may decide to take it one at a time.

Since eventually you’ll want multiple profiles with short, long and medium biographies and they should all be slightly different, the first assignment would be to start writing them. Interesting reading is crucial but you also want to convey important information.
1.    Brief history that helps people identify with you. (Working woman starting a family, construction worker on disability, college graduate became entrepreneur etc…)
2.    The emotional, personal connection between who you are and why you’re doing this.
3.    Invitation to connect with you.

Most profiles have a picture option and again there are several things to consider:
1.    Using a professional photographer
2.    Incorporating your surroundings or an activity that identifies you more deeply
3.    The conscious emotional response you anticipate

You Live and Online – Working At Home With Video

If the ultimate goal in working at home is to network with like minded people who are likely to join you, the internet allows you to put yourself out there like never before. Any video that allows people to identify with you accomplishes two important goals.
1.    They don’t make that connection and never waste your time
2.    Or they make that connection and become friends, customers or associates

Having a video internet presence isn’t an option if you’re working at home; it’s a requirement. Thousands of people are looking for home business opportunities daily and finding thousands of others who are already doing it. When the time comes for them to make a choice it helps if they feel like they already know you.

If you have insight into what you consider valuable in an online profile please share it so that others can learn or update their internet presence. Thanks for sharing this content to help the online business community especially those working at home.

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